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December 26, 2012     The New Era Paper
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December 26, 2012

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- December 26, 2012 COMMUNITV OPINION Page 5 LETTERS TO THE EblTOR Thanks to EMS workers Editor: I suppose we use the Sweet Home Fire/Ambulance District and the Sweet Home Police De- partment more than any other or- ganization in town. We, at the high school, make calls to them regular- ly for assistance. It is so calming to our students and staff to know that their response is so quick. In every case, our police and fire men and women respond im- mediately and professionally. Their training and expertise are evident with each call. Both departments are kind and caring to our students, even when difficult situations arise. Our students are always treat~ ed with dignity and importance. We feel very fortunate to have such qualified and capable men and women in our emergency services for our small town, or for any- where. Thank you, emergency ser- vices, for your service to this com- munity, and especially our high school. We are grateful for you all. Keith Winslow, principal Sweet Home High School Prepared doesn't mean paranoid Editor: • I'm getting rather tired of the ignorant and uninformed telling me that I don't "need" an "Assault Rifle." How in the world could they possibly know if I need one or not? First off, the ignorance shows immediately because these ill- informed people don't even know what an "assault rifle" is. To fit the definition the rifle MUST be capable of full-automatic fire, and 99.99 percent of the time the term is used incorrectly. As most everyone else did, I watched in horror with tears in my eyes, thinking of the murdered chil- dren and the thousands of friends and family that were directly af- fected by the loss. I'm just talk- ing about the people who actually knew and loved these kids person- ally. Their lives are altered forever. I can think of nothing worse than losing a child, especially to something so beyond needless. I can't even fathom how the hu- man mind can get so warped to do something like this. And let's make no mistake: It has been happening all over the world, not just in our country. Our morals and parent- ing in this society have fallen apart for sure and I suppose that is a criti- in a secure location at the school. cal factor, but this behavior is so far There is no way the availability of out of the normal human condition that firearm would ever be anything I don't understand how anyone can but a good thing. get this far out therel Most likely - and thankfully, it No one else 'seems to know would stay locked up forever and either, so prevention seems highly would never be seen. If the unfor- unlikely. That leaves us with the tunate circumstances came and it only option of stopping it as soon had to be used, it could do nothing as we can when it does happen. It but good in the hands of a trained sure seems like it takes a long time person. I could take up a collec- for police to show up when you're tion and have the funds donated to dodging bullets, purchase such a defensive tool in Israel occasionally has some- about 0.06 seconds. one show up and start shooting in- Some are saying we should not nocent people as an act of terror- rise this tragedy to further a politi- ism. You know what their solution cal agenda, usually right after they was? Train people to use firearms say we need to ban "assault rifles." and let them take these individuals This is talking out of both sides of down as fast as possible to lessen your mouth, is it not? You bring it the carnage, up, I defend my position (and pos- While watching the coverage I sibly my life) and I am the one us- noticed that virtually every police ing a tragedy to further my political officer on the scene was carrying views. an AR-15, or possibly the full-auto I don't see it as politics; evil version; the M-16. I haven't heard people will always exist, they will anyone mention this but if the po- always have weapons and some- lice need an AR-15/M-16 to deal body has to stop their acts. The with these situations, I sure as heck sooner the better! If you're not up do! If I have to take on one of these to it, put your head down and stay crazies I am seriously under-pre- out of the way and quit trying to pared compared to a police officer, take away the only effective tools. I don't have body armor that Jeff Hutchins will stop rifle bullets or a Kevlar Lebanon helmet. I don't have a radio to im- the gun-free zone laws that are in Another concern I have is for fact criminal-safe zones, the Christian radio station avail- One measure of insanity is re- able in Sweet Home by a relay on peating the same failure time after Green Peter Mountain. For years it time, hoping that the next time the was in a building owned by Bend failure will turn out to be a success. Cable on Green Peter. They did not Gun-free zones are a lethal insan- charge for the space in the building ity. or the electricity. Israel finally came to grips with Bend Cable has sold their this in the early 1970s and have de- building and the new owner wants cisively stopped these attacks after $100 per month rent. KNLR, its a busload of children was massa- employees and family members cred by Muslim terrorists. When I are prevented by FCC from owning was there ill the late 1990s, if you and paying for the operating costs saw a busload of students, you saw of the translator since it is outside at least one young teacher with a of KLNR's protected area. KLNR machine gun protecting the groups (FM 105 from relay) from Bend is of students, owned by Terry Cowan who was The Israelis have decisively raised in Sweet Home and went to stopped these school-related at- school at Foster Elementary. tacks and proVed they want to live. The translator is owned by Do we? Gospel Echo who is respgnsible During the decade of the Clin- for paying the new rent. Gospel ton ban on semiautomatic rifles Echo is a 501c3 whose mission is (the so-called assault weapons)and to bring Christian radio to areas high-capacity magazines, crime that do not have a local religious did not go down. Reinstating it oriented station. As a non-profit, would simply be another example they rely on gifts from listeners to of repeating the same failed policy pay the expenses. and being surprised with the same Gifts may be sent to Gospel failed result. Echo, P.O. Box 996, Seaside, OR We must tell our elected of- 97138. ficials that they are acting as the Opal Brubaker criminals' friends as long as they Sweet Home continue to support legislation that trainedmediatelYbuddiesCall UPtothreecometOandl0 'fullYsave Viewpoint worth people.Pr°tects only criminals, not decent my bacon. I don't have air support Oh, and we must also insist and a S.W.A.T. Team on stand-by public's attention that these criminal-friendly elected with an armored vehicle. I don't officials not even try to blame gun have any. night_vision or EL.I.R.. I Editor: owners and our "gun culture" for don't even have any intimidating I saw this article by Larry Pratt what a criminal did. red and blue lights on my roof. The on a P.C. Website and was given Had a few of us been available only thing I have is a rifle probably written permission to share it with with guns at the Newtown school, The New Era readers: at least the equal of the one the nut .... most of the victims might still be ball has and most likely a lot bet- A gunman whose name we do alive.. ter idea of how to use it safely and not need to memorialize took ad- Butch Brown correctly. You see, nut-jobs rarely vantage Of our gun-control laws to Sweet Home slaughter 20 children and six adults practice with their stolen rifles very much but sane, legally armed civil- in a Newtown, Conn., elementary ians and police do. school. Society paying I'm sure many-are thinking, In, addition to the gunman, ig "what are the chances of having blood is on the hands of members for noring God to deal with something like this?" of Congress and the Connecticut Editor: Luckily, not very high; but few ar- legislators who voted to ban guns We've taken God of the Bible gue that we have the basic right to from all Schools in Connecticut out of our schools and we're reap- self-preservation and these wackos (and most other states): They are ing the aftermath. When people are out there and if someone had the ones who made it illegal to de- no longer feel deep within that we been prepared to deal with it many fend oneself with a gun in a school have an all knowing God that we innocent lives would have been when that is the 0nly effective way have to give an account to, there is saved. "Paranoid" is a fool's term of resisting a gunman, no fear of consequences. for "prepared." What a lethal, false security Death by any means does not One thing I find stupendously are the "gun-free zone" laws. Vir- remove us from the eventual Day ignorant is that people don't want tually all mass murders in the past of Judgment before God. teachers and principals to be able 20 years have occurred in gun-free There is a conscious aware- to protect their/our children. I keep zones. The two people murdered ness that goes on for eternity and hearing, "We don't want guns in several days earlier in a shopping if we do not seek forgiveness and our schools." As if the mere pres- center in Oregon were also killed believe that Jesus died a substitu- ence of an inanimate object is in a gun-free zone. tionary death to pay the penalty for evil. I know one of the elementary Hopefully, the Connecticut our sins then we will stand guilty school principals in Lebanon used tragedy will be the tipping point af- on Judgment Day. Our belief and to be a police officer. I would love ter which a rising chorus of Ameri- behavior determines whether that it if he was allowed to keep a rifle cans will demand elimination of we will be in Heaven or Hell. From page 4 The ~ ban--on staff carrying concealed serves no real purpose. It really doesn't protect students or staff. It doesn't do anything except ensure our staff members cannot defend themselves or the children should Sweet Home become the site-of one of these rare mass shootings. Any person bent on causing that kind of harm is not going to be stopped by letters on a sign or on a page banning their attack. Oregon state Rep. Dennis Richardson of Central Point has suggested enlisting two or three adult volunteers at each school and training them to serve as campus responders. School Board, take this idea up the January meeting. Set an example. Don't fear the political reaction. This community would probably give you medals while the anti-gun fearful around the state cringe. You've got nothing to lose. and in a rare bad situation. you and Sweet Home families have a lot to gain. Everyone else. urge your favorite School Board member to consider this. Drop by and bring it up at the Jan. 14 meeting. P I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l_ 1 1 I .l 1 1 1 1 1 l I I 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 I 1 I 1 1 i III I 1 1 1 1 III l i 1 l III -Contact Your Local Government Representatives I City of Sweet Home • Craig Martin, City Manager, (541) 367-8969 _ "cmartin@ ci.sweet-home.or.us City Council • Craig Fentiman, Mayor, (541)367-6826 e-mail: cfentiman@ci.sweet-home.or.us • Jim Gourley, President Pro Tern, (541) 367-5517 • Marybeth Angulo, .Councilor (541) 367-7798 • Michael Hall, Councilor, (541) 570-2044 • Greg Mahler, Councilor, (541) 401-0110 • Scott McKee Jr., Councilor, (541) 405-6191 • Ron Rodgers, Councilor, (541) 401-2590 School District No. 55 • Don Schrader, Superintendent, (541) 367-7126 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 Don Schrader@Sweethome.k12.or.us • Sen. Ron Wyden (D) (202) 224-5244 School District No. 55 Board of Directors e-mail: http:llwyden.senate.gov/contact/ • Jason Redick, Chairman, (541) 401-8601 • Sen. Jeff Merkley (D) (202) 224-3753 • Dale Keene, Vice Chair, (541)409-1034 e-mail: http://merkley.senate.gov/contact/contact/cfm • Michael E. Adams, Foster, (541) 367-1003 • Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (D) (800) 944-9603 • Kevin Burger, Cascadia, (541) 367-3773 e-mail: http://defazio.house.gov/emailme.shtml • Jenny Daniels, Liberty, (541) 367-4080 State Government • Chanz Keeney, Holley, (541) 367-7999 • Sen. Fred Girod (R, Dist. 9) (503) 986-1709 I1 Mike Reynolds, Sweet Home, (541) 367-5601 e-mail: sen.fredgirod@state.or.us • Janice Sharp, Member at Large, (541) 367-7242 • Sen. William Morrisette (D, Dist. 6) • David VanDerlip, Crawfordsville; (541) 367-3856 (503) 986-1706 e-mail: sen.billmorrisette@state.or.us Linn County Commissioners • Rep. Sherrie Sprenger (R, Dist. 17) • Roger Nyquist, rnyquist@co.linn.or.us (503) 986-141-7 e-mail: rep.sherriesprenger@state.or.us • John K. Lindsey jlindsey@co.linn.or.us • Rep. Phil Barnhart (D,Dist.11) (503) 986-1411 • Will Tucker wtucker@co.linn.or.us e-mail: rep.philbarnhart@state.or.us Federal Government I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,,II