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October 10, 2012     The New Era Paper
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October 10, 2012

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Page 8 VctJ# CMMLJNITV :h e r. - October 10, 2012 / Profiles From page 8 ganizations were well deserving of the small contribution that the city made to them. They all are helping people within the community of Sweet Home. I see first-hand on a daily basis how the backpack food program has benefited the children in our com- munity. The thing that I love and enjoy about living in Sweet Home is how we as a community come to- gether in times of need to heli9 one another. I felt that providing funds to these well deserving organiza- tions was money well spent. Raises for Non-Represented Employees: I was vehemently op- posed to giving raises in a time of fi- nancial crisis, even if they are well- deserved. Businesses surrounding us were making cuts and the school district employee s all took pay cuts or had their pay frozen. It was my understanding that even people in the healthcare profession were also making sacrifices. I felt that city employees should not be receiving raises when others were making sacrifices and facing pay cuts. Both Councilor McKee and my- self went on the record stating that we were still opposed to the raises; however, we knew that a city could not be run effectively and survive without a budget in place; therefore, we ultimately approved the budget with the raises. Private Property Rights: Did not respond. Police and Library Levies: Did not respond. Lighting Ordinance: Did not respond. Royce Cantrell, 61 Education: High school, six years of military security - com- munications class A, C.D.L. with 20-passenger endorsement. Occupation: Retired. Previous civic and volunteer experience: Three years coaching with the Sweet Home Boxing Club. What do yon hope to accom- plish? I hope to find ways to gener- ate income for the city through eco- nomic growth with new business. A vote for me means I am willing to ask questions that other people won't. Role: The role of city council is that the interests of the people of Sweet Home come before my own. Economic Revitalization: Re- vitalization of downtown is always connected to economic growth. It's a mistake to think the Jamboree is the only answer. Chicken Ordinance: I think the chicken ordinance is much ado about nothing. Blighted and Vacant Struc- tures: Our city council needs to tread lightly on private property. After all, the person that owns that property has put their own time and money into that said property. Sign Code: Did not respond. Charitable Budgeting: Bud- geting for charitable organizations is fine as long as the money is ac- counted for. Raises for Non-Represented Employees: Raises should only be given if money is available and the person receiving it is actually doing his or her job to their fullest. Private Property Rights: Pri- vate property rights are just that - private. The community, as a whole, doesn't always consider the property owners' interest r with theirs. Police and Library Levies: More taxes from lev- ies will not work unless lo- cal government learns to man- age tax money. Cantreil Lighting Ordinance: Did not respond. Jim Gourley, 55 Education: Sweet Home High School graduate, LBCC, Oregon state journeyman, first responder in- structor, Medic first aid instructor. Occupation: Millwright Previous experience: 20 years on City Council, Mayor, President Pro Tem, 18 years Boy Scouts Of America Scout Leader, Sweet Home Youth League V.P., governor's ap- . pointment to Interagency on Haz- ardous Communications Council, State Emergency Response Com- mittee. What have yon accomplished during your tenure.'? Each person in the council brings a unique per- spective. Mine is to bring balance between business and community. Since in office, we have a new fire hall, police station, Boys and Girls Club/Senior Center and new water treatment facility. This was done with the council and community working together. What do you hope to accom- plish? A safe, healthy and long-term productive community. I bring a unique perspective as a former busi- ness owner and paper mill worker. These experiences gix, e me the abil- ity to make decisions that represent different perspectives. , Role: To help oversee the bud- get. Be responsive to the community and citizens. To make local legisla- tion that meets the needs of the com- munity. The city should listen and support the citizens and businesses. By working together to ensure that legislation is current and supports the needs of our community both now and in the future. Chicken Ordinance: Citizens brought an issue forward. It was addressed in committee, where citi- zens had the opportunity to work to- gether to formulate an ordinance. It worked correctly. Blighted and Vacant Struc- tures: I think we have to be careful anytime we make ordinances that affect people's lives. Hopefully, we will be able to develop something that helps everyone. We have not "finished this process yet. Sign Code: The original sign codes that were proposed, I felt, were too restrictive. The sign code was changed to accommodate the needs of businesses and consumers. Charitable Budgeting I think that decision was made before the city knew that there was a shortfall. Given the information at the time it was a good way tO invest back into our community. But, after the iaews of the shortfall came out, it changed our priorities. Raises for Non-Represented Employees: The resolution was in place and we honored our promise to the employees. Private Property Rights: Pri- vate property rights are. important; and with that comes the responsibil- ity to not infringe on others' rights. I think the city should be responsible to its citizens. Police and Library Levies: I think this is a very big issue and will be decided by the people of the state of Or- egon. Because of the original Measure 5 im- pact on Sweet Home, we don't have our police and library in- cluded in our Gourley city's general fund. They are funded exclusively by levy. We are only one of two municipalities in the state that are affected this way. I think changes should be made through the Legis- lature to resolve this issue. Lighting Ordinance: I don't believe in a full "dark skies" ap- proach. Small cities have to balance the safety within the city and any ordinance with the needs of all indi- vidual property owners. Anay Hausner, 37 Education: Douglas High School, Winston; Umpqua Commu- nity College, Winchester; Linn-Ben- ton Community College, Albany Occupation: Department of Revenue, Special Programs Admin- istration, Salem Previous civic and volunteer experience: Sweet Home Planning Commission, Vice Chair; Board of Directors, Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA) What do you hope to accom- plish? Why should we vote for you in particular? What sets you apart from the other candidates? . I hope to accomplish what mat- ters to the citizens of Sweet Home with a fair and unbiased demeanor. I am a person that looks at the facts and asks tough questions to get an- swers to my concerns. I am just and fair in my findings and am not afraid . to be passionate about what needs to be done, and I am not afraid to debate against something I oppose, regardless if some people find my unbiased opinions not suitable to conformity. Role: The role of the City Council is to function as a body that creates, proposes and votes on or- dinances and balances city budgets and to work with the commissions and committees that are appointed with local community members to help govern the needs of the city. The role of the city government is to provide the community with various types of supporting roles, including police, fire, city maintenance, Public Works and water/sewer services. Economic Revitalization: The city should think differently and outside the box when it comes to the revitalization of the downtown area and economy. Most cities follow a pre-planned program strategy to help revitalizing their most declin- ing areas. What the city needs to do in our situation is to recycle the old strategies and come up with our own very unique plans that not only follow the laws above our city but enable our city to demonstrate dif- ferences that might attract new and exciting opportunities to our city. Chicken Ordinance: The "chicken ordinance" involves much more than chickens, but the main focus of the ordinance was placed on chickens. I know that the ordi- nance was not popular with some of the community members, but I do " believe that the ordinance is well- balanced for what the city needs in today's time. Blighted and Vacant Struc- tures: Most cities, regardless of the size, are dealing with this situ- ation. With the decline in the economy and the abandon- ment of homes and businesses, it has attract- ed unwanted n u i s a n c e s. Hausner The city has a duty to protect the community. The responsibility must fall to the owner(s) of the properties to handle the appearance or maintenance of their buildings on theii- property, and if not, the City Council needs to have the proper regulations in place to take over the responsibility to accomplish the goals that our city strives for. Sign Codes: I think that the sign code revision needed to be done, but I was a little concerned about how long the project lasted. I have ex- perience creating, reviewing, work- ing on and proposing regulations and ordinances and understand that the process takes a lot of time, but I think constant involvement from all the members involved is vital in making sure the process stays on track and is completed within a rea- sonable governmental timeframe. Charitable Budgetingi There is no doubt that charitable organi- zations in today's tough economic times need more help than ever, but I do not believe that public ftlnds should beinvolved in such matters. If I want to contribute, then it should be a personal choice, not a govern- mental one. Raises for Non-Represented Employees: Say you were an em- ployee working for a company that needed you to give up your raises for two years straight, but in return after those two years, you would receive the raise that is due to you. This situation is no different; those employees gave up their raises to help the community and in return were assured by the council that they would receive their raises this year. To my understanding those provisions were already included into the previous year budget plans and should not have been an issue to the current budget determination. Private Property Rights: There is no doubt that land use has changed in the last few decades and finding a balance is a fundamentally challenging role for our city - and Measure 50 has help from regulato- ry take-overs. Land conservation is a critical key component to achieving long-term development and growth and it must strike a balance for all involved. Land use policies and regula- tions should be reviewed on a yearly rotation to ensure the right path for our city is taking place. Our city is governed by the state with some things, and there are limitations to what our city can do. BUt the city can take the necessary precautions to help reduce unbalanced interests. Police and Library Levies: I think that the measurements on property tax limitation needs to be-outside the current limits under Measure 5. I believe that the use of the current compression system dis- allows our city to use the funds in ways that are needed at the time it is needed. Instead of using the current compression system to calculate how much can be used for levy- funded police and library services, it will give our city the freedom that is desperately needed for those types of services. Lighting Ordinance: I would support the proposed lighting ordi- nance if there were a way to enforce it. I would imagine that some will consider the outlined proposal to be too restrictive, especially to a com- munity that is not used to this kind of ordinance. When our city is at the point to where the community is producing light pollution that mars the view of the stars, then it wouldbe a good idea to revisit any lighting ordi- nance that may be in force to revise it to reflect a "dark skies" approach. I do hope that if the proposed light- ing ordinance does not fit the needs of our city at this time, that the com- munity would be ope0 to a lighting ordinance that could be used for fu- ture developments. Bruce Hobbs, 36 Education: High School Occupation: Real Estate Previous civic and volunteer experience: Chamber of Com- merce, Traffic Safety Committee, All-Hazard Committee, city Budget Committee. What do you hope to accom- plish? For the most part I believe the city does a good job of mana " the day-to-daybusi- ness of Sweet Home. On oc- casion, though, I believe that it steps on per- sonal property rights in an ef- fort to make improvements to the city. I Hobbs would like to be a voice for those rights. Role: I see the City Council as point of contact for concerned citi- zens that allows for a more rapid re- sponse to the wants of the local citi- zenry without having to.go through the ballot option. The city govern- ment's role is to strike a balance be- tween the needs for safety and ser- vices in the city of Sweet Home and the fights and means of it citizenry. Economic Revitalization: The role of the city is to encourage the growth of business by not encum- bering it with unneeded regulation. I believe it is OK for the city to ac- tively recruit businesses to Sweet Home, but there are very few in- stances where it is appropriate to use taxpayers' money to incentivize them. Chicken Ordinance: I am very happy that the city adopted a bal- anced ordinance on having chickens in the city. I was one of the citizens who asked the city to consider this ordinance. Blighted and Vacant Struc- tures: I understand what the idea behind the ordinance is: to help improve the look of Sweet Home. But I do not think this ordinance is going to get the results it is looking for. The ordinance, as it is written, steps on thQ rights of the property owners. I can sympathize with those who believe their rights have been stepped on by these eyesores. Fortu- natelyr there is legal process in place if a nearby property is impacting the value of other home in a meaningful way. I always worry when any gov- ernment institution feels it knows what looks the best or is the best way to use private property. Sign Code: Overall, I think they struck a good balance between See Profiles, page 14