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September 5, 2012     The New Era Paper
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September 5, 2012

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Tile ~e~, ~rn - September 5, 2012 COMMUNITY OPINION Page 5 From page 4 CCC to the military. We'd already been trained." This isn't the place to debate the rightness or wrongness of gov- ernment assistancel It's pretty clear that the New Deal of President Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the major milestones that have led have much to do. I don't see any- to what we are seeing today - in- thing close to the results of CCC. creased goTernment ?support" for I see people whose self-respect is many Americans and the looming being drained away by non-pro- possibilities of much more in the ductivity, by sloth. form of protection from social risks Though I have to confess that (food stamps, welfare programs, I'm fundamentally opposed to gen- extended unemployment benefits, eral government welfare on a phil- guaranteed health care, bail-outs of osophical level, it's interesting to big companies, forced negotiation consider what public benefit could of mortgages - reducing the oppor- be accomplished by making the ex- tunity and incentive to succeed be- isting welfare hand-out system into cause no one is allowed to fail. Oh, a CCC-style enterprise. and the redistribution of wealth Think of all those roads and from those who create it to those trails (built by CCC men) falling who don't.) into disrepair in the national for- I wonder, though, what the est because the U.S. Forest Service toll is on character and self-image can't afford to keep them up. Think when I stand in the line at the gro- about all those trees in those same cery checkout counter and see the overgrown forests, overgrown be- ently otherwise have nothing to do inefficient, so a modern-day CCC proliferation of Oregon Trail cards, cause of ill-conceived, ignorant than participate in domestic squab- wouldn't be a panacea. when I hear about high school stu- court judgments and resulting ex- bles or watch TV. Think about how But if it could produce men dents who boldly state that they ecutive and bureaucratic policies, cash-strapped local governments and women who had even a little don't intend .to get a job because that need to be thinned to reduce and school districts could maybe self-respect from doing projects they're going to live off the same, disease and fire risk. use some muscle, that contributed to the public good, when I drive around town and see Think about something as sire- Of course there would be is- who have a greater sense that gain- able-bodied people standing in ple as the garbage lying along our sues to work through with govern- ful employment makes you feel a their yards, smoking cigarettes (or roads and highways that could be lent employee unions and gov- lot better about yourself and behave worse) and chatting on their cell- cleaned up by people who appar- ernment programs are notoriously better, it would be well worth it. phones because they clearly don't LETTERS TO THE LI)ITOR VP candidate will destroy you? anything. Mitt Romney, by the way, 2. "More debt than any other in an interview, told Sean Hannity: short on truth president before him." Romney "My plan is very similar to the has made the same claim. It's a lie. Simpson-Bowles plan." Really? Editor: That's Bush, not Obama. When 5. He accused President Vice presidential candidate Obama took office, the national Obama of "raiding" Medicare by Rep. Paul Ryan's keynote ad- debt was $10.626 trillion. It has $716 billion. In fact, Medicare's dress at the Republican National increased to slightly above $15 chief actuary says the law (Obama- Convention last Wednesday night trillion. A deficit mostly created by care) "substantially improves" the was so loaded with lies that even spending programs Ryan himself system's finances. Plus, Ryan him- Fox News wrote, "To anyone pay- voted for- from two wars, tax cuts, self has embraced the same savings ing the slightest bit of attention to new Medicare benefits and TARP in his most recent "Path to Prosper-" facts, Ryan's speech was an appar- (the Bush bank bailout), ity" budget. Romney, on the other ent attempt to set the world record 3. Blamed Obama for shutting hand, has vowed to restore these for the greatest number of blatant down a GM plant in his hometown, cuts, so he's at odds with his own lies and misrepresentations slipped Janesville, Wis. Again, that was VP. Obamacare doesn't raid Medi- into a single political speech. Bush, not Obama. Ryan actually care and Ryan's plan would do a lot "The Romney-Ryan campaign asked for federal spending (bail- more to ruin Medicare. One of the has likely created dozens of new out) to save the plant, while Rom- biggest lies of the campaign. jobs among the legions of addition- ney and GOP were against the auto 6. Stimulus Ryan: "The al fact checkers that media outlets industry bailout, stimulus was a case of political are rushing to hire to sift through 4. Obama "did exactly noth- patronage, corporate welfare ... the mountain of - cow dung - that ing" on Bowles-Simpson. Fact: You, the working men and women flowed from Ryan's mouth." Ryan, who was on the 18-mem- of this country, were cut out of 1. Ryan blamed the president ber commission as ranking house the deal." Truth: The non-partisan for the nation's credit downgrade member, voted against it! Congressional Budget Office said in August of 2011. The House Republicans voted the stimulus created 3.3 million When Standard & Poor down- as a bloc - they were the only ones jobs. Four out of five economists graded the country's sovereign debt to vote as a bloc. Norm Ornstein, a agree. More than a quarter of all rating, they said that it was because scholar at the conservative Ameri- stimulus dollars went for tax relief Republican lawmakers had taken can Enterprise Institute, called Ry- for workers. Ryan himself wrote the nation's debt ceiling hostage an's statement"utterlyhypocritical, letters requesting stimulus money, (something Ryan supported doing) the thr.ee House Republicans who then lied about it. and because "the majority of Re- voted against it, unlike the Senate 7. Obamacare Ryan: "You publicans in Congress continue to Republicans, were instrumental in see, even with all the" hidden taxes resist any measure that would raise keeping the plan from coming di- to pay for the health care take- revenues" (another position Ryan rectly to Congress." over..." Truth: Politifact called the maintains). Remember Grover Don't forget the GOPs plan is "government takeover of health- Norquisrs binding tax pledge.., for Obama to be a one term presi- care" their "lie of the year" in You will not raise taxes or I dent. They're not going to give him 2010. 8. Jobs Ryan: "We have a percent of Americans in order to plan for a stronger middle class, cut taxes for millionaires and bil- with the goal of generating 12 mil- lionaires even further and increase lion new jobs over the next four yes, increase the deficit." years." Truth: An almost impos- Nothing sucks more than that sible goal. Technology has driven moment during an argument when down manufacturing employment, you realize you're wrong. Doesn't Today, in almost every industry, seem to faze these people. fewer people are required. Digi- Diane Daiute tal control systems now monitor Sweet Home activity and send commands sans peopIe. People are becoming ob- solete. Employers say Americans HOW about some lack the skills they want/need. Too human decency? many people, not enough living- wage jobs. Editor: 9. Debt Ryan: "The choiceAfter job hunting for months is whether to put hard limits on and months, my guy answered an economic growth, or hard limits on-line ad for farm work near Scio. on the size of government, and After a promising interview, we choose to limi( government." he found boots. Monday evening, Truth: A false choice. There is no he was offered the job. We were evidence that decreasing the size of elated. government grows the economy; At .5:45 a.m. the next day, he What are you going to do with the arrived only to be told, "The farm laid-off government workers and worker was keeping the job. Sorry, contractor jobs? but that's the breaks." 10. Ryan said: "The greatest No phone call. No offer to re- of all responsibilities is that of the imburse the 40 miles of wasted gas. strong to protect the weak. The tru- He was crushed and shaken but in- est measure of any society is how it stantly started job hunting again on treats those who cannot defend or foot. care for themselves." How could a human being do Ha! All you have to do is loo1< that to another? I know the econo- at his budget and the guiding light my is making people homeless. We of his life, the atheist sociopath Ayn are almost there ourselves. I didn't Rand. The church has condemned know it was making people heart- Ryan's budget plan as immoral; less as well. Fox News contributor Sally Kohn Mitzi Ostermiller says "Ryan would ra]se taxes on 95 Sweet Home lm mm n m m m m n mm m m m m m m m mm m m u m u n Contact Your Local I m City of Sweet Home Don_Schrader@Sweethome.k12.or.us m • Craig Martin, City Manager, (541) 367-8969 School District No. 55 Board of Directors l cmartin@ci.sweet-home.or.us • Jason Redick, Chairman, (541)401-8601 City Council • Dale Keene, Vice Chair, (541) 409-1034 l • Craig Fentiman, Mayor, (541) 367-6826 • Michael E. Adams, Foster, (541) 367-1003 I e-mail: cfentiman@ci.sweet-home.or.us • Kevin Burger, Cascadia, (541) 367-3773 l • Jim Gourley, President Pro Tern, (541) 367-5517 • Jenny Daniels, Liberty, (541) 367-4080 I • Marybeth Angulo, Councilor (541) 367-7798 • Chanz Keeney, Holley, (541) 367-7999 l • Michael Hall, Councilor, (541) 570-2044 ! Mike Reynolds, Sweet Home, (541) 367-5601 • Greg Mahler, Councilor, (541) 401-0110 • David VanDerlip, Crawfordsville, (541) 367-3856 I • Scott McKee Jr., Councilor, (541) 405-6191 • Billie Weber, Member at Large, (541) 367-2487 l • Ron Rodgers, Councilor, (541) 401-2590 Linn County Commissioners I • Roger Nyquist, rnyquist@co.linn.or.us m School District No. 55 • John K. Lindsey jlindsey@co.linn.or.us I • Don Schrader, Superintendent, (541) 367-7126 • Will Tucker wtucker@co.linn.or.us lira mm mmm mmm m m m m imm .mmm mmm imm m m m mmm m mm m m m mmm m m m m mmm m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m mm m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm Government Representatives I Federal Government I • sen. Ron Wyden (D) (202) 224-5244 I e-mail: http ://wyden.senate.gov/contact/ m • sen. Jeff Merkley (D) (202) 224-3753 e-mail: http://merkley.senate.gov/contact/contact/cfm I • Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (D) (800) 944-9603 I e-mail: http://defazio.house.gov/emailme.shtml l State Government I • Sen. Fred Girod (R, Dist. 9) (503) 986-1709l e-mail: sen.fredgirod @state.or.us • Sen. William Morrisette (D, Dist. 6) I (503) 986-1706 e-mail: sen,billmorrisette@state.or.us I • Rep. Sherrie Sprenger (R, Dist. 17) m (503) 986-1417 e-mail: rep.sherriesprenger@state.or.us m • Rep. Phil Barnhart (D,Dist.11) (503) 986-1411 e-mail: rep.philbarnhart@state.or.us m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm mm m m m J