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April 11, 2012     The New Era Paper
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April 11, 2012

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:1F e ra - April 11,2012 COMMUNITV OPINION Page 5 LETTERS TO Tile LDITOR City right to bill for training Editor: It is not my intent to ruffle feathers, but I read recent articles on this subject with considerable interest, relating it to m, personal experience. No, it is not right that Sweet Home taxpayers pay the cost of training only to have police officers leave soon after and go to work in another city. I realize that other cities may pay a little more, and my com- ments are not addressing that issue. We only do what we can. Education has always been a personal responsibility, and based on my personal experiences many years ago, I would think it would be the police officers' responsibil- ity to repay the costs to the city of Sweet Home. After graduating from dental school at my personal expense, I accepted a career internship of- fered by the Veterans Hospital in Portland. In addition to my full- time work, it did offer consider- able educational opportunities for which the VA felt there was a cost and benefit. I signed a contract, prepared by the VA, that required me to work for the VA for a designated period of time after the comple- tion of my internship. If I did not, I would be required to repay half of my first year's salary. Simply stated, the VA wanted to get its in- vestment back for my educational opportunities. In 1967, I was introduced to Sweet Home, and after my intern- ship at the hospital, my wife and I made the decision to come to Sweet Home. I knew the educational ben- efits that I had received and I knew the contract that I had signed. I submitted my resignation to the VA and received a bill to repay half of my first year's salary. I re-" paid my obligation to the VA, and we moved to Sweet Home, where we have raised our family and lived happily for many years. I don't know of any other pro- fession where individuals can re- ceive an education at taxpayer ex- pense and not have any obligation to those who paid for it. Congratulations to City Man- ager Craig Martin for trying to recover some of these costs from the city of Lebanon; but what we really need to do is prepare in the beginning a contract that is fair to all concerned. Dr. Henry B. Wolthuis Sweet Home Overhead door thanks workers Editor: On behalf of Overhead Door Corporation, ! would like to ex- press sincere gratitude for the 16 employees of the Sweet Home plant, which is producing its final orders and has an anticipated clo- sure date during the third quarter of 2012. Overhead Door made the dif- ficult decision to close the facility because the EcoBuilt line of resi- dential garage doors, which is ex- clusively made at the Sweet Home plant, is being discontinued. The continuing challenges facing the national residential real estate mar- ket made this a reality. We have nothing but the ut- most appreciation for all of our Sweet Home plant employees who, over the years, produced a high-quality line of garage doors and other building products every single day. Their work has helped to make Overhead Door a leading manufacturer of doors and open- ers for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation appli- cations, and we are grateful. Our hope is to assist the 16 men and women of the Sweet Home plant, who've been integral members of the Overhead Door family, in their job transition and training. Addi- tionally, severance packages are being offered. We would like to let the com- munity of Sweet Home know that making the decision to close the plant was not easy. We know it will impact good people and their families, which is why we're doing all we can to help them through the transition. Bobby Gentile, VP, Manufacturing and Logistics Lewisville, Texas Blue states have all the answers Editor: After reading Diane Daiute's April 4 letter to the editor, "Health numbers tell the real story," I don't know how she can even stand to live in one of the most consel'va- tive counties in Oregon, much less Sweet Home. That poor, poor lady. I guess she won't be marching with the Wall Street protesters any time soon since the people she de- scribed from the blue states appear to be in the top 1 percent. They are the ones not paying their fair share to take care of the red states: We 99 percent deserve the money that the blue states have. Never mind the fact that most welfare programs were started by the Democrats who would like to have as many people on the dole as possible; after all, that is where they get most of their votes. Don't believe me? Check it out for your- self. Look up the New Deal and The Great Society. Since "Obamacare" is mod- eled after "Romney care," then I guess she won't object if we all vote for Romney. As far as the conservatives hating women I think she has a self-esteem problem and she seri- ously needs counseling (free at your local health clinic). I have never felt put down by a conserva- tive but I have been called lots of names by liberals because 1 did not agree with the their point of view. I don't let other people determine my worth. 1 leave that up to God. Oops, I said the "G" word. Maybe some of us dumb con- servatives could pass the hat and collect enough money to get a char- tered plane to transport her to Port- land; I'm sure she would fit right in. I'll throw in all of my food stamps, welfare checks, HUD money, free health care money, free child care money, free money for college loans, free credit card money and all my free mortgage money. I'm sure I can call on the blue states to pay offmy debts for this month so I can afford to donate in order to get a chartered plane for her. But then, again, maybe Obama will send an Air Force jet for her. Jeani West Sweet Home Tucker deserves voters' support Editor: I ask Linn County voters to support Will Tucker for Linn County Commissioner. He is doing a very good job. Please, do not even think of replacing him. Will is a strong Re- publican who cares deeply for Linn County. Former Rep. Liz VanLeeuwen Halsey Thanks to boys for help in snow Editor: I'd like to publicly thank two students, Cody Norman and Harley Hisel, who helped me move a big tree limb out of my driveway two weeks ago during the heavy wet winter snowstorm. They both show great initiative and kindness to as- sist people who might need help during such an event. The world is a better place just knowing these two youths; what great represen- tatives of the younger generation they are! Cindy Glick Sweet Home Conservatives wanted mandate Editor: Daniel McCarthy, senior edi- tor of the American Conservative magazine, writes about the con- servative origins of the president's health care plan. "While it's not true that 'lots of' the specifics in the Obama plan were dreamed up by the Heritage Foundation [an ultra-conservative think tank], the overall approach is similar to policies Herkage has long championed, including the individual mandate as well as the insurance exchanges. "This is only controversial be- cause the wrong party happened to pass the law, and it's poison for any conservative to be identified with it." According to the the Urban Insti- tute's (urban.org) "The Individual Mandate in Perspective,"' only 6 percent of the population will be affected. "Ninety-four percent of the total population would not have to newly purchase insurance or pay a fine." As I see it, the individual man- dates forces people to be respon- sible and not tap into welfare. And we know how much conservatives hate all things welfare. Medicare, Medicaid, and State Children's Health Insurance Pro- gram (SCHIP) represent "forms of "social insurance" not "socialized medicine." Why? Because they're coupled with a largely private health-care delivery system. Now the Veterans Admin- istration healthcare system is a pure form of socialized medi- cine because it is owned, oper- ated and financed by government. Medicare in the United States is a single-payer healthcare system, that's restricted to only senior citi- zens and certain other classes of people. Both Social Security and Medicare were championed by Democrats, but passed with the help of Republican votes. In polls previous to 2008, 65 per- cent said that providing for the un- insured was more important than keeping costs down; 95 percent said that it is a serious problem that many Americans do not have health insurance; 64 percent said that the federal government should guarantee health insurance for all Americans; and 60 percent would pay higher taxes to do so. Then came the GOP/TP and Libertarian political machine and their blind hate for all things Obama. In my opinion, the whole is- sue should of never been brought up to begin With. The 2007 re- cession, two money-sucking wars, were the issues at hand. If you are not going to set up some kind of universal healthcare system then you should expand the hospice (euthanasia) system. Give the people you don't want to support, who do not have family willing/able to provide for them, the ability to die pain free with some dignity when their mon- ey runs out. Diane Daiute Sweet Home I I City of Sweet Home I • Craig Martin, City Manager, (541) 367-8969 I €martin @ci.sweet-home.or.us I City Council I • Craig Fentiman, Mayor, (541) 367-6826 e-mail: cfentiman @ci.sweet-home.or.us I • Jim Gourley, President Pro Tem, (541) 367-5517 I • Marybeth Angulo, Councilor (541) 367-7798 I • Michael Hall, Councilor, (541) 570-2044 • Greg Mahler, Councilor, (541) 401-0110 I • Scott McKee Jr., Councilor, (541) 405-6191 I • Ron Rodgers, Councilor, (541) 401-2590 I I School District No. 55 I • Don Schrader, Superintendent, (541) 367-7126 Don_Schrader @ Sweethome.kl 2.or.us School District No. 55 Board of Directors • Jason Redick, Chairman, (541) 401-8601 • Dale Keene, Vice Chair, (541) 409-1034 • Michael E. 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