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February 20, 2008     The New Era Paper
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February 20, 2008

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Page 4 :he ra - February 20, 2008 -- ~- : :-- -~-- - =- - - -- - - cfentiman @comcast, net Jim Gourley, Jim Bean, Councilor 367-8467 401-0839 Counciior 367-8536 ;y, Counci or School DistrictNo. 55 a, Superintendent LarrycHorton@ Sweethome. k12.or.us 367-5601 = Diane Gerson, Chanz Keeney, Holley 367-7999 im Jeff Lynn, Liberty (w) ;uschwander, Cascadia 367-5655 Jason Redick, Member at Large 367.5098 Ken Roberts, Member at Large 367-6396 David VanDerlip, Craw- fordsville 367-3856 Linn County Board of Commissioners Roger Nyquist, Chairman " RNyquist@co.linn.or.us John K. Lindsey CWooten @ co.linn.or, us Federal Government Sen. Ron Wyden (D) (202) 224-5244 e-mail: h p:llwyden.senate, (202) 224-3753 e-mail: http://gsmith.senate. gov/webform,htm gov/emailme.shtml (503) M706 Rep. Phil Barnhart (D,Dist. l) l l:zq p 1 Having just returned from one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the state of Oregon- the OSAA wrestling championships -I was moved once again to consider the sorry develop- ments down the road in Eugene. In the coaches' room I saw a pile of fliers imploring folks to donate funds to save Ducks wrestling. As I've mentioned once before in this column, Kilkenny (a die-hard baseball fan) has decided to bring that game back to the university. He says he's not trying to compete with the Beavers up the road, but he's hired one of the best coaches in America, George Horton, and they're openly talking about championships. To do this, Kilkenny has to add a female sport to satisfy the require- ments of Title IX. and so he's chosen competitive cheerleading. And he's killing wrestling. As I watched the wrestlers at the Portland Coliseum, the short-sighted foolishness of that decision reeked. Why wrestling? It's still a popular sport in high schools, with an esti- mated 33.000 high school wrestlers in the Northwest alone. But at the college level, thanks mainly to Title IX, it's been sacrificed on the altar of economy, in favor of sports that draw bigger crowds and make money. Oregon will become the 448~h college wrestling program to be shut down since Title IX was introduced in 1972, according to the NCAA. Even once-proud programs, such as Fresno State, haye been shut down. In the Pac-10, only three schools will field wrestling squads after this year's NCAA finals - Oregon State,Arizona State and Stanford. This really isn't a Title IX issue. Oregon has been compliant with gender-equity rules and, frankly, there were plenty of other women's sports the university could have added to its stable. How about women's wrestling? Oregon likes to be on the cutting edge A locally owned newspaper founded Sept. 27, 1929. Scott and Miriam Swanson, Co-Publishers f www.sweethomenews.com Office: 1313 MainSt Sweet Home, Oregon Mailing address: The New Era, Box 39, Sweet Home, OR, 97386 Phone: (541) 367-2135 Fax: (541) 367-2137 Editorial Staff Contacts Scott Swanson. Editor/Co-Publisher scott@sweethomenews.com Scan C. Morgan. Staff Writer sean@sweethomenews.com Advertising Staff Contacts Miriam Swanson. Advertising Manager, Co-Publisher miriam@ sweethomenews .com Firiel Severns, Advertising Sales firiel@sweethomenews.com The New Era (USPS 379-100) is published each Wednesday. Periodical postage paid at the Sweet Home, Ore 97386 Post Office. Postmaster: Please send address changes to The New Era, Box 39, Sweet Home, Oregon 97386 Subscription rates In Linn County: $27 Elsewhere: $35. Snowbird: $31 Y Notes From The Newsroom Scott Swanson Publisher (check out their football uniforms) and women's wrestling is one of the innovative trends in modern sports It's even (newly) in the Olympics, somet:hing that isn't likely to happen with czompetitive cheer. F;emale wrestling's big in Cali- forniat high schools and in other states, whicth have their own girl's state tournaarnents. This year, two Sweet Home girls made the finals of the in- augural state high school invitational tourntament. Oregon's tournament included eight finals matches featur- ing grids. Girls wrestling advocates are pllanning their own Oregon state tourn ament in two years. Et really shouldn't be a financial issue either. The entire Oregon wres- tling budget is less than the salaries of the a:ssistant football coaching staff, according to figures I've seen. The Ducks have not been domi- nant college wrestling, though they have produced occasional individuals who have done well. But neither have the men's tennis team. Or the Looking back on 79 years covering the Santiam Playground. February 20, 1958 Our congressional delegates in Washington are in favor of securing funds for construction of Green Peter dam, it was indicated at the monthly meeting of the Sweet Home-East Linn County Chamber of Commerce, Monday, when letters from Senators Wayne Morse and Richard Neuberger and Representative Charles Porter and Walter Norblad were acknowl- edged. February 23, 1983 A bill before the state legislature which would ban the sale of wood stoves and fireplace inserts, if they did not meet state standards for air pollution, is being actively opposed by a local stove manufacturer, Sweet Home Stove Works. according to Richard Jenkins. general manager. crl: golf squad. But those are sports that cave drawings depicting wrestlers, person for all the bad things that hap- are popular in San Diego, where Only track and field is older among pen to you. But all these helicopter Kilkenny's from. sports that have been practiced con- parents, they just hover there and they To be honest. I think the decline tinually over the millennia, want to take all that away from their of wrestling in colleges is because Nearly every culture has some kids. They don't want them to fight money, not education, dictates what sort of wrestling, from Sumo in Japan through it." happens in college sports. And I be- to Glima in Iceland, Schwingen in Aerobically demanding sports lieve that America is going soft. Switzerland, and Cumberland wres- such as running and wrestling and True, we still play hard-nosed tling in Britain. swimming may be too basic for the football, but even that has turned Although I never had the oppor- big crowds. They aren't very flashy into a spectacle, at many levels, that tunity to wrestle competitively, I used sometimes. Chest bumps seem inap- emphasizes showmanship as much or to work out with my friends who were propriate, somehow, after you've just more than the man-to-man toughness wrestlers and I can attest that this is a run or grappled or swum to the point of the leather helmet era. sport that requires mental toughness of exhaustion - and you can barely Think about it. What is wres- beyond nearly any other. It requires stand to be acknowledged a winner. tling? It's as basic a sport as one could critical decision-making and strategy But they prepare young people possibly devise. As basic as running - usually accompanied by pain. for life because they demand a high or swimming, all it requires is you Runners know pain - your legs level of personal discipline and ac- and an opponent. Equipment costs hurt, your lungs hurt. your arms can countability. You can't share the are almost nothing. It's one of the hurt. But in wrestling, utter exhaus- blame when you lose. few sports where you're pitted against tion can be universal and complete. That's why killing wrestling someone your own size- all the time. Everything hurts in a tough match, at the University of Oregon and all As any kid knows, you don't need a It's not a sport for quitters, the other schools is such a travesty. mat to wrestle, though some spongy Recently I've run across several Wrestling has a few clowns, just like turf is better than hard-pack. And comments from prominent coaches other sports, but it has turned out mil- the scoring is pretty black and white, about how Americans are getting lions of disciplined, responsible boys although a rotten re( occasionally soft. Parents don't want their kids to young men who grow up and become steals a close match, feel pain. Hardship is not in the cards a large portion of the crowd you can I've never wrestled competi- most of us want to be dealt any more see in the stands at the Oregon state tively, though I was pretty good in as we get exercise steering our motor- championships. They're clear-eyed. the back yard. By the time I had my ized vehicles and playing Guitar Hero You know they have jobs and you first opportunity to get on a real mat, in front of our TVs. know they do them well. I was attending an NCAA Division I "Parents today want to take all Because that's what wrestling universxty where one of my friends the pain, all the heartache and sad- teaches. was a freshman All-American 142- ness. out of their kids' lives," said And that's what Pat Kilkenny pounder and one of my roommates basketball coach Rick Majerus in a (and all the other athletic directors was a 177-pounder. I learned quickly recent Sports Illustrated article. "All who apparently rarely bothered to that I really knew little about the true the things that make you a better try to understand a sport that people sport of wrestling, person, a better coach, a better teacherhave competed in for millenia) have It's a discipline that dates back, - all the things that are so much the missed in their haste to make money past the ancient Greeks and the Olym- fabric of life. and satisfy government dictums. pics, to Egypt 5,000 years ago and to "You become so much better a What a travesty. Questions ab out district can take over, but it then has to find funding somewhere else for the library district building. How does this make the new library district a good deal? Editor: Because the LLL's proposed There is much talk these days new library district board of directors about the Linn Library League (LLL) could only have so many people on creating a new library district. After the board, my small town would be checking out the Web site for the one of at least four who will have to league. I still wonder about the actual share a representative. If that repre- changes this will cause and the costs sentative is not someone from our city that are not accounted for. At this the decisions on the board will most point I do not think it would be in the likely not reflect our needs and con- best interest of the citizens or of the cerns. The district board would have cities involved, the ability and power to decide what First of all. the published costs of books would be on the shelves of the creatmg the library district would be Brownsville Library among other a new tax of at least $.60 per $1,000 business decisions. If you talk to our for all residences of Linn County. librarian today, he can tell you that he The average value of homes in Linn is able to choose books because of his County is $150.000. which means the demographic knowledge of the users library district tax would average $90 of the library. per year per household. The cost of There are times when combining a library card in Brownsville is $15 efforts and resources can help a situa- per family per year. Someone needs tion, but I don't see that it would do so to explain to me how the new library with the creation of the Linn Library district is a cost savings for citizens. League's proposed library district. On top of this tax. each city The cities are struggling enough With involved with the Linn Library budget issues right now, don't create League's new district would need to a huge dilemma by switching how find another way to budget the owner- and where funding will come from ship responsibilities of the building for the new library district. Browns- housing their library The district ville has opted out of the proposed would own the business and inventory district, but I live outside of the city of the library but not the building. All limits and would be affected by the maintenance will be up to the city. So. new district. this tells me the city gives up the tax Linda McCormick base and budget it already has so the Brownsville LETTERS TO TIlL DITOR SH could learn and became "the stepchild of other folks who were always trying get from city to south through us to go somewhere else." Luckily, there just happens to Ediltor: be a small video on youtube that Thank you for your coverage of documents this turnaround; the the meeting with Pam Silbernagte direct link is http://www.youtube. and Vicki Dugger and your continu- com/watch?v=-4xEsBy2rIw (l think ing contribution to the momentum it can be typed directly into the url of at subject that is both painful and of your browser) or go directly to hop,eful, youtube.com and type in the search: After, I read the article I did some "Escape from Suburbia returns to research and was struck by the many Willits CA." sirr~ilarities between Sweet Home I hope that others might find an& another community, the town of some inspiration in watching this. Wilflits, Calif. If Willits can do it, can Sweet Though the galvanizing force Home? behind Willits' turnaround might be . Leslie Mendoza comtroversial, it brought their com~ Lebanon (but closer to Sweet munity together and created goals Home) with a clear focus. Willits was also a logging town that ran into hard times Write a letter! We encourage readers to= express length