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January 18, 2012     The New Era Paper
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January 18, 2012

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;I 1` , ra - January 18; 2012 COMJHUNITV OPINION Page 5 / Letters From page 4 that we really need to reduce the school week because it would give the teachers more time to prepare (one less day for students), thus giving our students a much better education in a shorter time. I might say that when I at- tended Sweet Home High School I don't recall them teaching math that said that less time makes learning better: The only thing I see that will happen if this four- day school week passes is the people will have to figure out what do to with their kids, add- ing expenses to the amount we already pay the city and school system. It will also add to the Po- lice Department's responsibilities because more kids will be run- ning loose around town. Here are some suggested so- lutions: City of Sweet Home should give employees all they want and be sure to get rid of the police and emergency services. School District 55 should continue to give all the time off that is currently scheduled and, additionally, rather than having people slowly bleed to death and bear the burden of what the four- day school week will cost them, just cut their throats now so they don't have to deal with this again. I am sure the powers that be will try to get some more blood out of the turnip. Good salary and more time off will not stop this. Obviously, I am not happy With how this has taken place in Sweet Home for many years. The only way to stop this is to get out and vote or do whatever is legal to stop it. Maybe common sense might help. Vern Tunnell Sweet Home Hospital milestone result of support This year marks the 60th an- niversary of Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital's service from its location at 525 N. San- tiara HWy. in Lebanon. Our move to this site in 1952 was made possible by an out- pouring of community support, and that support over the last 60 years has been crucial to our growth and continued service to east Linn County. Healthcare reform has and will continue to create uncer- tainties for small, rural hospitals across the country. Thanks to Samaritan Hedth SerVices and your contributions, our hospital is ready to meet the challenges that will come through healthcare reform. We are planning now for a large Celebration this summer to honor all of you who have played a part in our hospital over the last six decades. We will keep you informed, through the media and other channels, of these plans as they develop. Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing all of you at the celebration. Until then, we wish you success and prosperity in 2012. Brian Vandetta and Joanne Nelson Members, Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees More on timber wolves' effects This letter is to try to set things straight regarding the re- sponse in the Jan. 4 newspaper to my column on timber wolves and to Mrs. Daiute's column in sup- port of wolves, which appeared Dec. 28. I'm not on either side - not totally against the wolf, but I have reservations. I believe con- trols on the wolf population are needed. I'd like to respond to Mr. E1- kins' comment about Peter and the Wolf. I'm not afraid of Mr. Wolf. As for the wolves killing three to four deer per week, I'd say that was conservative. I do agree with Mr. Elkins about poaching. There is one ma- jor difference. There are stiff laws against poaching. Some people, like some animals, kill for the lust of seeing something die. Some animals with these qualities are dogs, cats, wolves, cougar, bear, weasel and mink. We can't say to the wolf, "only three," or to the cougar, "only one deer per week." What about a weasel, mink, pos- sum, skunk or raccoon getting in a chicken house and killing the whole flock? Was this because they were hungry, or for another reason? Regarding Mr. Ellkins com- ments that there are many types of wolves, I was making the point that the Cascade mountain wolf was the one that had lived in Oregon. The Canadian timber wolf is definitively a larger ani- mal. As for God making the wolf, He also made termites, but I still don't want them in my house. Mrs. Daiute made a lot of good points but some may be a little skewed. No rancher I know wants disease in his livestock. As for shipping, animals do die in transport. Most ranchers will do all they can to make sure this doesn't happen. The rancher's profit margin is small. He can't afford dead animals. As for the wolf kills, I've read the investi- gations. Looks like 60 to 65 per- cent are actual wolf kills. Some kills blamed on wolves are actu- ally coyotes, or even somebody's pet dogs. As for the rustling, the two- legged predator is much worse. The problem there is it may be a neighbor. Definitely someone who knows their way around out there. With all these problems, you can see where a rancher is worried about losing any more. Mrs. Daiute referred to hav- ing a wolf in her letter. Was that in Oregon, because I can't find permits for them unless you own a game or exotic animal farm? I would like the ODFW wolf biologist to explain to me what I've seen for a number of years in Canada. Why in the beginning of winter do the wolves take more male elk, deer, and moose? Lat- er in the winter, they take more calves and fawns. Then, towards the end of February, they take more cows and does. I do have my own theory -just an observation based on what other trappers and I have seen. My theory is that males get run down during the rut, when they are sore from fighting, open wounds and infections. Later, calves and fawns are compet- ing for feed and are weaker and in worse shape. Bred cows and does become more accessible to wolves and cougars because of the advanced stage of their preg- nancies. They can't run as well. This presents a problem. At least two are killed at once when a pregnant animal is killed but the unborn calf or fawn is not counted in the kill. The problem doesn't show up for two years. At that time we're short a breeding ani- mal. This leads to a dilemma for ODFW: now the herd count is down. Three years of predation on pregnant cows can wipe out a herd. Maybe we can fix this by im- porting some 2-year-old bull and cow elk. Of course they'll have to be protected. So what's the answer? We all like to see game animals. What I propose is some sort of balance. There are cool heads on all sides of this problem so why not use them? A discussion of the wolf pop- ulation in the Yellowstone area can be found at http://www.skin- nymoose.com/bbb/2010/03/10/ panel-roundtable-canadian-gray- wolf-introduction-into-yellow- stone/ . This is an interesting read from March 10, 2010 by four biologists, a rancher/out- fitter and a parasitologist, all of whom have dealt with wolves for many years. The information they present regarding the wolf packs' impact on the elk, moose and bi- son populations is eye-opening. The elk population has dropped 70 percent, they say. They would rather not talk about the moose population. Another site, www.aws.vcn. corn/wolf_attacks on humans. html, documents cases of wolf attacks on people in North Amer- ica. This website describes many incidents and the reasoning that prevents attacks from being re- ported as such. It doesn't include Kenton Joel Carnegie, who was killed Nov. 8, 2005 in Saskatch- ewan, Canada at Points North Camp, 35 miles northwest of Wollaston Lake. I've read the in- vestigations. Check this on the in- ternet and draw your own conclu- sions: http://canadahuntingtoday. com/blog/index.php/2008/12/31 / death-by-wolves-and-mislead- ing-advocacy-the-kenton-carne- gie-tragedy. Wolves have more space in Canada. With the wolf popula- tion growing here in western states I can foresee a problem of wolves losing their fear of man. The problem is we don't know how much time is left before someone is attacked here. There needs action taken now. Eric Rouse Sweet Home Editor's note: The following let- ter was handed to a staff member away from the office and was mis- filed. It was originally more timely than it appears here, but since it is a response to a criticism made in a previous letter, we're publishing it now that it has turned up. More on U.S. flag display in parade Editor: In response to Richard Black's letter of Dec. 7, "U.S. flag always has priority spot:" It was great to see you and your troop participat- ing in the parade. I love to see the American flag displayed, even in- correctly. You are absolutely correct in regard to displaying a flag in an au- ditorium, but the advice I gave was in regard to displaying the flag in h parade. Please reread your flag eti- quette book, specifically Section 3 (a) and (b). You are misinterpret- ing how to display it. You had your flags on the back of your float with the U.S. flag on the left side, which would make it on the observer's fight. Unless you backed your float through the parade, which I know that you didn't, your U.S. flag was not displayed correctly. I don't want to duke this out in a public forum, i.e., The New Era, but I will if you want. I have many, many years of flag education experience work- ing with all age groups. I would be happy to provide pamphlets for your troop. Your former band and class- mate, Jan Hufford Sweet Home GOP not looking to serve women Women of Sweet Home, I would feel comfortable knowing you each follow politics this year. The Republican Party wants to strip away your rights. When you stripped away the bra, I was down with that; I was on your side for more reasons than three, moreover, I am now past my prime and some of you are too, however, I will not forget what the female gender went through to ar- rive where you are today. You did not get here by having your rights taken away. The days of the diameter of the branch that made it illegal are gone. If the Republican Party can take this away from you; look what they can do to a nation, w/e need to look out for our neigh- bors. I do not know how many millionaires we have in our town of Sweet Home, but would you want to pay their taxes? This is exactly what the G.O.P is asking of you that make on the average of $30,000 a year or less. Billionaires for president, you think they have become Bil- lionaires by watching out for all of America, and Super Pacs are paying the way. Male America is not asleep at the wheel, and if you are, it will be your significant oth- er slapping you up agains t your head and waking you up. Roe vs. Wade is on the way out; we will never go back to the '50s again. Ward and June Cleav- er, and their little Beaver had their time in the sun, but even Wally knew, and Eddy Haskell too, the days of separate beds were gone, then the Brady bunch. Wake up America. My apologies for in- truding in your fight Ladies, but it was much too important to keep silent. Jeff Daniels Sweet Home m[m m m m m m m m m n m mm mm m m m m m m m m n mm | n n m m n u m m m In mm m m m n mmm m m m m mm m mm mm m mm mm)m m Contact Your Local Government Representatives I m c.x of Sweet Home m • craig Martin, City Manager, (541) 367-8969 I cmartin @ci .sweet-home .or.us City Council .I • Craig Fentiman, Mayor, (541) 367-6826 I e-mail: cfentiman@ci.sweet-home.or.us I • Jim Gourley, President Pro Tern, (541) 367-5517 • Marybeth Angulo, Councilor (541) 367-7798 • Michael Hall, Councilor, (541) 570-2044 • Greg Mahler, Councilor, (541) 401-0110 • Scott McKee Jr., Councilor, (541) 405-6191 • Ron Rodgers, Councilor, (541) 401-2590 School District No. 55 • Don Schrader, Superintendent, (541) 367-7126 Don Schrader@ Sweethome.k12.or.us School District No, 55 Board of Directors • Jason Redick, Chairman, (541) 401-8601 • Dale Keene, Vice Chair, (541) 409-1034 • Michael E. Adams, Foster, (541) 367-1003 • Kevin Burger, Cascadia, (541) 367-3773 • Jenny Daniels, Liberty, (541) 367-4080 mm Chanz Keeney, Holley, (541) 367-7999 tm Mike Reynolds, Sweet Home, (541) 367-5601 • David VanDerlip, Crawfordsville, (541) 367-3856 • Billie Weber, Member at Large (541) 367-2487 Linn County Commissioners • Roger Nyquist, rnyquist@co.linn.or.us • John K. Lindsey jlindsey@co.linn.or.us [] Will Tucker wtucker@co.linn.or.us m m Federal Government m • 'sen. Ron Wyden (D) (202) 224-5244 m e-mail: http://wyden.senate.gov/contact/ m • sen. Jeff Merkley (D) (202) 224-3753 e-maih http:l/merkley.senate.govlcontact/contact/cfm I • Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (D) (800) 944-9603 11 e-mail: http://defazio.house.gov/emailme.shtml I State Government I • Sen. Fred Girod (R, Dist. 9) (503) 986-1709 I e-mail: sen'fredgir°d @state'°r'us • Sen. William Morrisette (9, Dist. 6) I (503) 986-1706 e-mail: sen.billmorrisette@state.or.us I • Rep. Sherrie Sprenger (R, Dist. 17) I (503) 986-1417 e-mail: rep.sherriesprenger@state.or.us I • Rep. Phil Barnhart (D,Dist.11) (503) 986-1411 e-mail: rep.philbarnhart@state.or.us I I. m m m m mm m m m m m mm m m n mm m m m m m m mm m m m m u m n m m m nm m n m m m m mum m m m m m m m m nm